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Republic of Vanuatu

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Vanuatu is a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean comprising four main islands and 80 smaller islands with a total land area of 12,189 km2. The current population is 287,361 with a population density of 20 people per square kilometer. Vanuatu is separated into six provinces (administrative divisions): Malampa, Penama, Sanma, Shefa, Tafea and Torba with its capital Port Vila in Shefa province. The major languages spoken are Bislama, English and French.

Agriculture is the main source of economy for the country alongside fishing, tourism and offshore financial services. The government is shifting to tighter tax arrangements to bring tourism to more limelight. New Zealand and Australia provides considerable foreign aid.

Vanuatu is highly dependent on imported fuels to meet its overall energy requirements as there is no known oil or gas resources. A lion's share of power generation is from imported fuel apart from hydro power, biomass, geothermal, wave, wind and solar energy resources. Solar energy resources have been mostly used for home lighting system and it has a high potential in Vanuatu, indicating average insolation of up to 6 kWh/m2/day.

The electricity supply in Vanuatu is mainly governed by two private player utilities which supply the four concession areas. Union Electrique du Vanuatu (UNELCO) services Port Vila, Malekula and Tanna. Vanuatu Utilities and Infrastructure Ltd (VUI) began operating in the Luganville concession area in January 2011.

The government has come up with the National Energy Roadmap which aims to provide 100% electricity access and 100% production by renewable energy resources by 2030. 71% of Vanuatu’s electricity generation comes from fossil fuels, compared to only 29% from renewable energy sources (solar, wind, biofuels and hydropower).

NFP Details: 

Mr. Tony Harris

Principle Scientific Officer (Urban Electrification)

Department of Energy PMB 9067,

Port Vila, Vanuatu

Tel: (+678) 25201  


Photovoltaic Map: 
Global Horizontal Irradiation Map: 
Direct Normal Irradiation Map: 
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Iririki Resort Solar : Largest in Vanuatu

Article on the installation of a 783kW solar PV system with a 2MWH battery storage capacity at Iririki Resort and Spa in Port Vila. 

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Biggest Solar Farm project in Vanuatu

Article on the launch of the Kawene Solar Farm Project. 

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Energy Actors in Vanuatu

This page lists all actors in the Energy Sector of Vanuatu. 


Utilities Regulation Authority (URA)

The URA regulates the electricity and water industries. Its main objectives are to ensure the provision of safe, reliable and affordable regulated services, to maximise access to regulated services throughout Vanuatu and to protect the long-term interests of consumers.


Project Management Unit (PMU)

The PMU is under the Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation, Meteorology, Geo-Hazards, Environment, Energy and Disaster Management. It is responsible for ensuring that climate change programmes and projects are carried out within their specified timeframes and for ensuring activities meet the necessary public participation and stakeholder requirements. It also has the authority to act as a Financial Management Agent for externally funded programmes and projects and will thus, on behalf of the NAB and the Ministry, be responsible for project financial management and administration. 


National Advisory Board (NAB)

The NAB acts as Vanuatu’s supreme policy making and advisory body for all disaster risk reduction and climate change programmes, projects, initiatives and activities. 


Department of Energy (DoE)

The DoE is within the Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation, Meteorology, Geo-hazards, Energy, Environment and National Disaster Management Office.It is responsible, on the one hand, for the development of energy policies, legislations and regulations to guide the development of energy services and improve service delivery, and on the other, for the identification, implementation, management and evaluation of energy projects, monitoring and facilitating energy activities as well as providing awareness and training activities.

Legal/Regulatory Document

National Energy Policy Framework -Draft

The National Energy Policy Framework is intended to address the adverse impacts of high energy prices on the economy and the people and to provide a long term development plan for the energy sector. The ultimate goal being the provision of reliable and affordable energy services to all people in Vanuatu.

Legal/Regulatory Document

National Energy Road Map 2016-2030 (NERM)

The prsesent document is an update of the NERM 2013  that reflects recent developments. This updated NERM has the same overall vision which is to energise Vanuatu’s growth and development through the provision of secure, affordable, widely accessible, high quality, clean energy services for an educated, healthy, and wealthy nation. 

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The Environment Management and Conservation Act

This act mandates and regulates Environmental Impact Assessments for projects and development activities, which could have a negative impact on specified parts of the environment.

Legal/Regulatory Document

Utilities Regulatory Authority Act

This act defines the role and responsibilities of the URA.

Legal/Regulatory Document

Electricity Supply Act

The Electricity Supply Act is the main legal act for the energy sector in Vanuatu. It was last amended in 2011 and defines the regulatory framework mainly for the concessionaires in the energy sector. It is also applicable to electricity providers outside the current concessions. 


Invest in Vanuatu

The VIPA website provides all relevant information for investors. 


Starting a New Business in Vanuatu

The VCII provides a summary of the steps and procedures for starting a business in Vanuatu for local and foreign investors. 

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Vanuatu Country Profile

The Global Green Growth Institute provides data on the country's context and also offers News, Projects and Reports sections. 

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GN-Sec Tenders: Vanuatu

Lists tenders on energy projects for Vanuatu. 


Rural Electrification in Vanuatu

This UNDP case study presents a NAMA on Rural Electrification in Vanuatu through electrification with Renewable Energies.