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The ISA Countries section of ISA InfoPedia comprises country-specific pages where ISA Members provide information on news, policies, best practices, tenders etc.

Togolese Republic

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The Togolese Republic is located in West Africa in the Gulf of Guinea, sharing its borders with Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Faso to the north. It is bordered to the south by the Atlantic Ocean. The country covers an area of 56,785 km2 and is divided into five administrative regions. Its estimated population in 2017 was 78 lakhs. Lomé‎ is the capital and French is the official language.

Nearly 60% of the Togolese population lives in rural areas, where access to basic services such as health, drinking water, education, and electricity is still a major challenge. While industry and services play a role, the economy is dependent on subsistence agriculture.

Togo is not a producer of neither oil nor petroleum products. The country relies on imports to meet its needs for petroleum products. Resources in renewable energy is untapped. Traditional biomass is an important energy source in Togo. There is much potential to exploit wind energy in Togo as the wind speeds recorded are fairly good. Solar has been used for off-grid services in rural areas such as water heating, telecommunications, school systems and other small-scale applications. The solar radiation is about 4.5 kWh/m2 /day.

The Communauté Electrique du Benin (CEB) was created in 1968 by Benin and Togo through the Benino-togolais electricity code to import, produce and transmit electricity for the benefit of the two countries. This code Benino- Togolais was revised in December 2003 to open the sector to independent producers. CEB is the sole buyer of the power system (both countries) and delivers electricity to Benin Electric Power Corporation (SBEE) in Bénin, and The Compagnie d’Energie Electrique du Togo (CEET) in Togo and some large industrial customers. Exceptionally, the energy produced by ContourGlobal is sold directly to CEET. However it was decided during the inter-governmental summit held in Lomé that starting from January 1, 2019, Benin and Togo will separately import electricity to meet their needs.

NFP Details: 

Mr. TIEM Francois Bolidja

Ingénieur Electricien

Directeur Général de l'Agence Togolaise d'Electrification Rurale et des Energies Renouvelables (AT2ER)

Tél.: 228-22 21 21 65; Cél.: 228 90 17 42 63

Mr. TCHODOU Samah Bawong

Engineer in Electrical Engineering

Responsible for electrification studies and energy equipment

Tel: +228 22217834 

Mail: /

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Global Horizontal Irradiation Map: 
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Togo to increase rural electrification

Article on the launch of the program “CI-ZO”, a rural electrification initiative aimed at bringing solar energy to two million people in the country’s remote areas with no connection to the power system by 2022.


Togo: off grid electricity market strengthens

Article on BBOXX, partnering with UK’s integrated energy company EDF to develop and market solutions for access to off-grid electricity in Togo.


Compagnie d’Energie Electrique du Togo (CEET)

La mission générale de la CEET est d’assurer le service public de distribution et de vente de l’énergie électrique sur l’ensemble du territoire national. 


Autorité de Réglementationdu Secteur de l'Electricité

L’ARSE de Réglementation met en œuvre les activités de réglementation et de régulation du sous-secteur de l’électricité ainsi que celui de l'eau. L'Autorité réglemente les activités liées à la production, le transport et la distribution de l’électricité


Ministère des Mines et des Energies

Le Ministère des Mines et de l'Energie définit et coordonne la mise en œuvre de la politique de l'Etat dans le domaine des mines et de l'énergie.



 Togo First's main objective is to provide investors with all necessary information. 

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Appels d'Offres de l'AT2ER

Avis d'appels d'offres de l'Agence Togolaise d'Electrification Rurale et des Energies Renouvelables

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Appels d'offres de la CEET

Avis d'appels d'offres de la Compagnie Energie Electrique du Togo 

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Appels d'offres de l'ARSE

Avis de marchés de l'Autorité de Regulation du Secteur Electrique.