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The ISA Countries section of ISA InfoPedia comprises country-specific pages where ISA Members provide information on news, policies, best practices, tenders etc.

Federal Republic of Somalia

2.270 GW

The Federal Republic of Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa with the longest coastline on the continent's mainland. Somalia has an estimated population of around 14.3 million. The capital is Mogadishu and Somali is the official language.

Agriculture is the most important economic sector of Somalia. It accounts for about 65% of the GDP and employs 65% of the workforce. Livestock contributes to about 40% of GDP and more than 50% of export earnings. Other principal exports include fish, charcoal and bananas while sugar, sorghum and corn are destined to the domestic market. The Somali economy relies heavily on overseas development assistance and even more on financial remittances.

The Somali energy sector is one of the most underdeveloped in the region with high cost of power, high technical and commercial losses, dependency on imported petroleum products for electricity generation, and reliance on biomass resources for cooking. The electrification rate is low, especially in rural areas, and stood at 29.89 % in 2016.

The energy mix in Somalia is completely dominated by locally available charcoal and firewood as the main sources of energy which causes great destruction of the vegetative cover thereby amplifying what is considered to be the most important energy and environmental problem the country faces. Electricity supply has suffered from over two decades of neglect, including the absence of investments, due to both widespread insecurity and the disappearance of public resources and public oversight.

There is significant potential in all Somali areas in terms of renewable and alternative sources of energy, such as solar and wind power, but so far, due to both security and funding problems, only very small, timid experiments have been conducted with solar and wind power. The extensive coastline with the presence of attractive offshore winds lends itself particularly to the generation of wind energy. Measurements of wind speeds have ranged from a low 3 m/s to a high of 11.4 m/s. Wind energy has been exploited for over 70 years primarily for water pumping. Somalia receives an average solar insolation of between 5 and 7 kWh/ m2 /day translating into a total energy capacity of 2, 163 million MWh/ year. The most common uses of solar potential include lighting, cooking and water pumping and heating in both public and private buildings.

The deployment of hydroelectricity has been seriously hampered by the security issues in the country. The in-country potential for hydropower is estimated at between 100 and 120 MW of which only 4% has been exploited on the Juba river.

Somalia has great potential for developing energy from various resources. However, the long period of civil strife has led to serious deficiencies in energy infrastructure development.

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Mr. Abdifatah Abshir Ibrahim

Head Section of Solar Technologies

Tel: +256 61 8010002


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Webpage/Web Article

If you want peace, prepare for solar

Article on a U.S.-based start-up, Energy Peace Partners, implementing a program to help humanitarian missions across the world, including Somalia, to transition from diesel dependence to a safer and cheaper source of electricity: Solar energy.

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Villa Somalia leads the way in solar power innovation

Article on the 76 KVA hybrid solar system at Villa Somalia, the official residential palace and principal workplace of the President, which aims at the achievement of 35% savings on fuel consumption in the building.

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Tapping renewable energy for peace in Somalia

Article on the first-ever renewable energy forum, hosted with the support of the Sustainable Energy for All organization (SE4ALL) , key international partners and the local government, that attracted more than 80 solar entrepreneurs, government officials and potential donors. 

Journal Article

Somalia lays ground for solar development

Article on UNDP issuing a Request for Proposal for the financing of a skills development program in the solar energy sector in Mogadishu, Kismayo and Baidoa.



BECO is the largest electricity supplier in the country covering Benadir, Lower Shabelle,middle Shabelle and Galgadud regions including the capital city of Mogadishu, with over 2 million inhabtants. The company was established to improve the power generation, transmission and distribution of the country in order to better serve its clients with quality and affordable electricity supply.


National Energy Corporation of Somalia (NECSOM)

NECSOM is the only electricity provider, responsible for generation, transmission and distribution, in the capital city of Puntland. It was established in May 2003 and is focused on building long term value for its shareholders by investing in energy technologies that are designed to provide affordable, clean and reliable power.


Ministry of Energy and Water Resources

The Ministry of Energy and Water Resources is responsible for the development and planning of the energy sector, including the development of energy resources and alternative energy sources and technologies, with the aim to ensure secure and affordable energy for the national development. 

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Trade Invest Somalia

Trade Invest Somalia is a recognised partner of the Somali government which aims at promoting and facilitating domestic and foreign investment in different sectors in the country.  


Somalia Energy Sector Needs Assessment and Investment Programme

This report constitutes an Infrastructure Needs Assessments (INA) in the Energy, Transport, Water & Sanitation, and ICT sub-sectors of Somalia. It aims at understanding the needs and developing an adapted pipeline of projects in the country. 


UNDP Tenders: Somalia

List tenders for energy projects in Somalia.