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Independent State of Papua New Guinea

0.001 GW

Papua New Guinea (PNG) which is located in the south-western Pacific Ocean has a total area of approximately 462, 840 km2. The country is by far the largest of the Pacific island countries and territories. The population was 82.5 lakhs in the year 2017. The capital is Port Moresby and the languages spoken include English and other indigenous languages such as Hiri Motu.

PNG has two distinct economies: a modern cash economy dominated by mining, timber, oil and gas and agricultural exports (coffee, cocoa, tea, oil palm and copra); and a traditional subsistence economy and semi-subsistence farming, with most villages producing little or no surplus for trading.

Hydropower accounts for about half of the electricity generated and diesel for a third, with the rest generated from gas and geothermal energy plants, which are principally used in the mines. Private sector mines have installed an additional 250–280 MW of capacity for their operations.

The renewable energy potential in PNG is enormous. Solar energy is among the largest potential sources of renewable energy in PNG. Average insolation in much of the country appears to be good with between 4.5 and 8 hours of sunshine daily. Port Moresby is considered PNG’s sunniest location with 2478 sunshine hours per year.

NFP Details: 

Mr. Vore Veve

Acting Deputy Secretary

Energy Division

Department of Petroleum and Energy

PO Box 494, Waigani, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea

Tel: +675 3253233; +675 71894786 +675 71894786 (Mob)


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Webpage/Web Article

Solar Energy in Papua New Guinea

Article on Apollo Energy, installing a small power system in a remote, disadvantaged community.

Webpage/Web Article

Commercial solar pilot program

Article on The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and PNG Power Limited announcing they are beginning to nut out details for a pilot commercial solar program in the country’s capital, Port Moresby


PNG Power Ltd

PPL is a state-owned, vertically integrated electricity utility that provides generation, transmission, distribution, and retail services in most grid connected urban areas.


PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd

PNGSDP commenced operations in Papua New Guinea in November 2002 to promote development that meets the needs of the present generation and paves the way for continued progress to benefit future generations in the Western Province.


Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC).

ICCC is the regulator for electricity tariffs, but has little capacity to carry out its mandate and cannot independently take decisions. ICCC employs a revenue cap regulation principle and sets license conditions for market participants, though PPL is the only regulated entity at present. The ICCC also issues licenses to IPPs and mining companies that own generation and distribution facilities.


High Commission of PNG

Provides information for investment opportunities


IRENA RE Resource

IRENA overview on renewable resources

Webpage/Web Article

Local Site with tenders

Website of PNG Power lists tenders for electrification projects