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The ISA Countries section of ISA InfoPedia comprises country-specific pages where ISA Members provide information on news, policies, best practices, tenders etc.

Republic of Peru

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The Republic of Peru is a country in the western South America. It is the third largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina and extends over 1.28 million km2 with a large diversity of ecosystems, mineral and energy resources. Peru has a population of almost 32.2 million, mostly concentrated in the capital city of Lima and Spanish is the official language.

The country’s economy is in constant growth. Peru’s main exports are copper, gold, zinc, textiles, and fish meal. Its major trade partners are Brazil, Chile, China and the United States. Peru offers many investment opportunities and options. The mining, finance, communication, industry and energy sectors are the five main targets of foreign direct investment.

Peru’s energy matrix is largely based on oil and natural gas. Electricity generation is largely based on natural gas and hydropower. Peru has made significant steps in promoting renewable energy in the electricity market with the aim of diversifying its electricity mix and reducing its dependence on fossil fuels.

The solar atlas of Peru shows that the region with the highest solar resource is along the southern coast in Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna. The annual average daily irradiation is around 250 W/m2. The opportunities for solar are diverse, with potential in large grid connected projects, mid-sized off grid projects in mining and industry and small-scale PV systems for rural electrification.


NFP Details: 

Ms. Ing. Claudia Espinoza Zegarra

Especialista en Eficiencia Energética

Directorate General of Energy Efficiency Ministry of Energy and Mines

Tel: +51 967083307


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Global Horizontal Irradiation Map: 
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India to partner with Peru and France

Article on India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) signing two agreements with the Ministry of Energy and Mining of The Republic of Peru and the National Solar Energy Institute (INES) of France for the expansion of renewable energy.

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UK helps Peru launch its first green bond

Article on government of the United Kingdom and the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL) announcing the publication of the Green Bonds Guide, a document aimed at promoting the creation of a green bond market in Peru.

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Engie plugs in 40 MW solar plant in Peru

Article on inauguration of the Intipampa Solar Power Plant in Moquegua, in Peru’s southern province of Mariscal Nieto.

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Peru introduces net metering

Article on Peruvian Government submitting to public consultation the draft of Supreme Decree for the regulation of distributed generation (DG), which is the secondary legislation necessary to implement the DG law first promulgated in 2015


Dirección General de Electricidad

La Dirección General de Electricidad es el órgano técnico normativo encargado de proponer y evaluar la política del Subsector Electricidad


Ministerio de Energía y Minas (MINEM)

El ministerio formula y evalúa las políticas de alcance nacional en materia del desarrollo sostenible de las actividades minero-energéticas, contribuyendo al desarrollo humano, así como la disminución del impacto ambiental.

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Peru Profile

Overview of the power market and the barriers 


Investment Opportunities in Latin America

This analysis provides a continent-wide pre-feasibility assessment of solar and wind opportunities across Latin America, for both grid-connected and off-grid systems.


The Peru Off-Grid Market

Identifies players and opportunities in the off-grid market

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IRENA RE Resource

IRENA resources on renewable energy

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Lists tenders for energy projects


Solar Energy

Report on large scale solar application in Peru