All about Solar

The ISA Infopedia Portal is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of Information and knowledge on all issues related to the promotion and use of solar energy.

/ Solar Information Hub /

The ISA Infopedia Solar Information Hub is an electronic Library dedicated to sloar energy. It provides links to reports, videos and other information resources on best practices, policies, financing, technologies, tools and data from around the globe.


/ Solar Academy /

The ISA Infopedia Solar Academy is the go-to website for courses on solar energy. It hosts courses by ISA and its partners and provides links to selected courses hosted on other platforms. All courses are free and available for self-paced learning.


/ Solar Directory /

The ISA Infopedia Solar Directory is an online registry providing information and contact details for organisations from around the globe active in promoting and/or developing solar energy.


/ ISA Countries /

The ISA Countries section of ISA Infopedia comprises country-specific pages whete ISA Members provide information on news, policies, best practices, tenders ,etc.